2 Temp Tex Makes Air Conditioning Maintenance Easy, And At A Cooler Cost.

Temp Tex Makes Air Conditioning Maintenance Easy And At a Cooler Cost

Temp Tex offers an affordable air conditioning Maintenance Assurance Program (M.A.P.) meant to protect the integrity and efficiency of your air conditioner. One annual payment of $259** provides year-round inspections, cleanings, and priority scheduling that places you first ⁠— even on our busiest days.

Why is annual air conditioning maintenance important? Neglecting annual maintenance may lead to costly repairs, replacements, higher utility bills, and frequent system failures.

How is this different than a regular system call? Service calls are reactive and meant as a single solution. M.A.P's are proactive and meant to prevent problems from occurring year-round.

one annual flat-rate payment per year**

Our Maintenance Program Includes:

family first
your family healthier
lower utility bills
utilty bills
protect your home
your home's air quality
air conditioner-up close
the lifespan of your system
maintenance all day everyday
annual servicing
thermostat checks
energy controls efficiently

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Plus, when you try our Maintenance Assurance Program for 90-days if you're not 100% satisfied, for any reason,
your investment will be refunded thanks to our No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee! 

**Cost per single unit
***Valid up to 6 months after enrollment
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