FAQ & Answers

Look through our knowledge base and see if any of your questions are answered below. We try our best to provide resources and material for you, but if you have any additional questions or feel as though something else should be listed, please contact us.

What kind of warranties does Temp Tex offer?

We offer 2-year labor, 1-year maintenance, and 10-year warranties on parts for all systems except mini-splits.

What is the simplest maintenance check I can do for my system?

Changing your filter every 30-days is a simple task to keep your system operating efficiently.

How often should I maintain my A/C unit?

We recommend maintaining your system twice a year: once before summer, and once again before winter.

If I want to change my own air filter what kind should I get?

Temp Tex recommends using 1" pleated filters with a lower MERV rating since they are far less restrictive than their higher rating counterparts. Pleated MERV-rated filters (8+) restrict airflow within your system and cause an increase in static pressure.

Should I get a bigger unit?

Larger isn't always better; it truly depends on the size of the house, and how the house was designed for the system. Increasing your unit size is generally not a good idea.

How many years of experience do your technicians have?

On average, our trained and certified technicians have at least 3-5 years of HVAC experience.

What should I expect when scheduling with Temp Tex?

First things first, you will either schedule online or over the phone. If online, our scheduling office will contact you shortly to set up your service appointment. After you're scheduled, you will receive confirmation of your next visit and the day of, a phone call to let you know our technicians are on the way!