Residential Air Conditioning Services

Temp Tex Offers Residential Air Conditioning Repairs in San Antonio

Ensure your family stays cool during the summer months! Texas has some of the hottest summers in the United States. Millions of residents rely on their air conditioning units to keep them and their loved ones cool throughout these sweltering months, but what happens if your air conditioning system stops working? Many people do not realize air conditioning systems need to be properly maintained in order to work correctly. If your air conditioning unit has not been maintained and isn’t working correctly when you need it most, do not panic—Temp Tex can help!

We Are Here to Help You Our technicians have nearly a decade of HVAC experience and have successfully resolved a variety of air conditioning problems. No matter what brand you have, we can determine if your current system can be repaired or requires a replacement. If your system needs to be replaced, we offer free estimates on all air conditioning replacements. Replacing your air conditioning unit can have many benefits including: Long-term savings Economically friendly systems Adds value to your home