About Temp Tex

Temp Tex Air Conditioning & Heating EMS Controls was Established in 2007

Temp Tex started with two important missions in mind; customer satisfaction and affordable service every time! Temp Tex is unlike other air conditioning companies in that we give you the promise of guaranteed follow- up service. We strive to satisfactorily serve you from the moment we walk in the door to the moment you are sitting in comfort of cool air (or warm in the winter). We offer competitive pricing as you view ALL that is included in our service to you. We call this honest flat rate pricing. Temp Tex was founded on the premise that people DESERVE up front business practices that do not require them to read between the lines or read any small print.
Having been on the customer end before, my family and I found most companies will show a low figure to get in the door and then fail to follow through their promise with hidden costs or service that is not included in the “low price”. I have committed myself and my company to allow the customers to feel that they received not only affordable service but also reliable and continual service. We take pride in answering all your questions giving you the benefit that you are receiving the excellent service you want. Please take a few moments to review our comments from our loyal wonderful customers. I guarantee that once you give Temp Tex a try you will always call us back! Thank you, for taking the time to read this. I look forward to handling all your future air conditioning/heating needs.